Janus Henderson Global Equity Fund

ARSN: 166 791 760


Investment objective

The Janus Henderson Global Equity Fund (‘Fund’) seeks to achieve a total return after fees that exceeds the total return of the MSCI All Country World Index (net dividends reinvested) in AUD over rolling five year periods.

Investment policy/approach

The Fund will typically invest in 40-60 companies that the Manager has identified as underappreciated by the wider market and offer sustainably high levels of growth, with a bias towards companies where innovation drives competitive advantage.

The Fund is managed using a bottom-up approach as, over the longer term, the Manager believes the fundamental trends within a business are more important and predictable for the value of its equity than fluctuations in the macro economy.

The Manager’s bottom-up analysis is heavily focused on valuation and quality as these are attributes the Manager believes most important in uncovering long term potential.

Changes to management costs:
With effect on and from 1 April 2019 and until further notice, the management fee of the Fund will be reduced from 1.10% to 0.95% per annum of the assets of the Fund.

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