Mervyn Koh


Mervyn Koh is a Portfolio Manager on the Asia Equity strategy, a position he has held as part of the Henderson team since 2017. Prior to joining Henderson in 2015 as an associate investment manager, Mervyn was with Franklin Templeton Investments, where he held the title of vice president in the emerging markets group and was responsible for research in the Singapore and Indonesian equity market as well as for co-managing a South East Asia fund. Prior to Franklin Templeton, he held the role of investment analyst at Tokio Marine Asset Management International, where he was responsible for research in the India equity market and commodity-related stocks in South East Asia and Australia. Mervyn began his career as an associate at the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation in 2006. Mervyn holds a graduate diploma in financial management from the Singapore Institute of Management and a BSc in mechanical engineering (Hons) from the National University of Singapore. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and has 11 years of financial industry experience.

Henderson Global Investors fusioniert im Mai 2017 mit Janus Capital Group.

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