With the fund currently celebrating its seventh anniversary, members of the Secured Credit Team and co-managers of the fund, Colin Fleury, Head of Secured Credit and David Milward, Head of Loans, share their lessons learnt from managing the fund over the past seven years and how that will help them manage through a somewhat uncertain future. The managers expand on their views through seven questions covering seven years (and beyond) with Norbert Fullerton, Head of Institutional Client Strategy, EMEA.

Key takeaways:

  • The Multi‑Asset Credit (MAC) Fund continues with its focus on European assets and its preference for senior, secured investments within asset‑backed securities, loans and high yield bonds.
  • Maintaining a relatively straightforward investment styles is one of the ways the managers feel they can distinguish themselves within an increasingly broad universe of MAC funds.
  • While the fund has delivered close to its return target since inception, the managers’ message to clients remains consistent in that they believe they should respond appropriately to market environments, the returns available at any one time and the corresponding appetite for risk.


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