Janus Henderson offers various multi-asset investment solutions. More specifically, our Adaptive Multi-Asset Solutions Team focuses on maximizing compound returns by mitigating large tail losses and profiting from large tail gains. We believe a distribution of returns, as a measure of risk, is important in determining terminal value, with tail risks — both positive and negative — playing a critical role.

Daily forward-looking estimates of tail losses and tail gains for major asset classes are derived from option market prices. These estimates form the basis for a dynamic asset allocation approach aimed at mitigating material losses from systemic shocks while capturing upside gains.




Peach State run-off could herald a light-blue wave for US politics

With Georgia’s Senate run-off vote offering a final, dramatic twist in the US election, what would it mean if Peach State voters hand power to the Democrats? Paul O’Connor, Head of the UK-based Multi Asset Team, considers the ramifications of a potentially seismic political result.

Multi-asset outlook 2021 – all change

News of game-changing vaccines have heralded a dramatic change in expectations for markets and the economy in 2021. Paul O’Connor, Head of the UK-based Multi Asset Team, considers the rationale behind this optimism.