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Themes in Focus, September 2022

2022, to date, has been a year of seismic change at every level, with profound consequences for everyone, not just financial markets. The risk of significant geopolitical escalation remains, whether that is between Russia and the western world or, more recently, China and the West over Taiwan. These are things that could be game changers for the world.

The transformation in how we perceive markets has been dramatic. If we look back to a year ago, we were concerned about speculative exuberance that had inflated market prices to record levels.  Meme stocks, SPACs, and ‘grow to the sky’ technologies were news. Fast forward to the present day, and the media is full of the crisis in energy supplies, compounding inflationary pressures for already strained supply chains globally, igniting pressures to grow domestic energy independence.

What we have seen is that the market does not have a strong memory of what an environment of high/rising inflation and increasing interest rates looks like. The dynamic that has existed for most of this century between asset classes has clearly broken down, and the scope for panic and rising correlation is significant. This can present opportunities as well as potential pitfalls.

Insights From Our Global Team

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