Partner Wisely

Together we’ll navigate uncertainty.

Navigate Uncertainty

Knowing when and what proportion of the defensive part of your portfolio to allocate to cash, floating rate credit, fixed interest, higher yielding securities is not a simple process.

Partnering with Janus Henderson for your defensive investment portfolio can help overcome those challenges.

With a proven track record of superior risk-adjusted returns through various market cycles, the seasoned Janus Henderson Australian Fixed Interest team manage assets right across the full spectrum of the Australian fixed income universe – from cash, to longer duration bond portfolios, through to credit and higher yielding solutions.

Partner Wisely

Janus Henderson Investors is a leading global active asset manager. We exist to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

We build partnerships on openness and trust, channelling expertise from across the business and communicating the views of our experts in a timely and relevant way. We call this approach Knowledge Shared.

Our investment managers apply their expertise within the context of risk versus reward. In doing so, they hope to offer a welcome level of stability and predictability in a volatile world.


Active because
active matters

We selectively invest in what we believe are the most compelling opportunities and invest with conviction.



We understand the role fixed interest plays in portfolios, so focus on identifying stable or improving credit quality issuers.

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We prefer to employ multiple investment strategies in portfolios to enable us to help diversify risk for investors.

Our Capabilities

We provide access to some of the industry's most talented and innovative thinkers. Our full spectrum Australian Fixed Interest capability offers the following domestic and global debt solutions. We invite you to explore them below:

A diversified portfolio of government,
semi-government, corporate and asset
backed securities.

Exposure to secure cash investments and returns that closely track the prevailing level of short-term interest rates.

High quality, interest bearing securities that seek to provide returns in excess of cash and a high level of capital protection.

Australian and global credit securities for investors seeking higher yielding risk-adjusted outcomes over time.

Our flagship fixed interest strategy

A ‘one-stop-shop’ for fixed interest exposure: Our flagship strategy offers diversified fixed interest exposure that is designed to perform well in all stages of the interest rate and credit cycle. We employ a tactical investment approach with regular asset allocation shifts between cash, fixed interest and higher yielding securities.

Long Track Record
of Success

With a proven track record of superior risk-adjusted returns through various market cycles, the seasoned Janus Henderson Australian Fixed Interest team have been utilising their experience and insights to invest in fixed income securities for more than 25 years.

With an unwavering commitment to actively managing portfolios, the team focuses on seeking stability and predictability for investors.

Meet the Team

Our deep fixed income experience spans the globe – with more than 100 fixed income investment professionals, located across five global offices, who are entrusted with managing in excess of $102 billion* of assets. In Australia, the Janus Henderson Australian Fixed Interest team (‘the team’) manage investments across the full fixed interest spectrum – from cash, to longer duration bond portfolios, credit and higher yielding securities. The team have an average of 18 years’ of industry experience and manage in excess of $14 billion* on behalf of a wide range of institutional, wholesale and retail clients.

* Australian dollars, as at 30 June 2020.


Why is everyone talking about fixed income?

Fixed income can provide predictable returns, while its low correlation with equities diversifies investment portfolio returns, helping preserve capital when economic storms hit.

Are you taking on too much portfolio risk?

Fixed income can provide predictable income, diversification from equities and capital preservation for investment portfolios.

Where to find income when interest rates are zero

Fixed income offers predictable income which can be boosted by taking credit risk and interest rate risk. However, both risks need to be actively managed.

Invested in passive funds? Time to take an active interest

Active management of risk in fixed income portfolios can minimise the number of months that investors experience negative returns over a multi-year investment period.

Does investing responsibly make a difference?

Most professional investors now evaluate companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials as part of their investment process to help ensure business models and cashflows are sustainable.

QE is getting us to ‘the other side’,
but what happens when we get there?

Massive purchases of government fixed income by central banks have caused prices of fixed income to rise. As a consequence, prices of other asset classes have also increased.