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Key questions for investors

With the geopolitical backdrop continuing to impact market direction and investment opportunities, some of Janus Henderson’s leading thinkers give their views. Recorded at a Knowledge Exchange event earlier this year, we include short video extracts from investment panels exploring the theme from an equities and fixed income perspective.



Reversal of globalisation

Jim Cielinski, Global Head of Fixed Income, explains why it is important to be diversified across asset classes as we move towards to end of the cycle and geopolitical risk grows.

Fixed Income landscape is changing

Nick Maroutsos, Co-Head of Global Bonds, explains the importance of understanding the “country factor” when looking at fixed income securities in a changing landscape.

Fitting the populist agenda

Jenna Barnard, Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income, discusses the changes that central banks and regulators will need to make in order to accommodate the rising populist agenda.

Focus on the long term

Jim Cielinski, Global Head of Fixed Income, emphasises the importance of paying attention to the long term and the perils of predicting what will happen in the short term in times of geopolitical uncertainty.


Politics – on a 30 year view

Alex Crooke, Co-Head of Equities – EMEA and Asia Pacific, reflects upon the last 30 years to times when geopolitics was at the fore of investors' minds and discusses what we can learn from this.

Proactive engagement

Alison Porter, Global Technology portfolio manager, explains how active investment managers can push for improvements to social media platforms for the benefit of millennials.

Businesses creating net positive

Hamish Chamberlayne, Head of SRI, discusses the difficulties faced by global businesses in a shifting environment with increased regulation and trade friction.

Two drivers of change

Alison Porter, Global Technology portfolio manager, highlights demographics and artificial intelligence as drivers of protectionism and populism going forward.