Stay the course

Uncertainty is a normal part of investing. But today, doubts arise at almost every turn, causing investors to question whether they have the right investment solutions.

It is natural to feel unsettled, but now is not the time to abandon long-term objectives. With the right perspective, we think it is possible to look past uncertainty and successfully navigate change.

Strategies to navigate uncertainty

Our investing approach is grounded in fundamental research. Based on insights gained from that research, we offer solutions that take three approaches to managing uncertainty.

Harness Disruption

Harness Disruption

We rely on deep analysis of companies, sectors and emerging trends to try to capitalise on the persistent forces disrupting the markets and the economy.

Persure Income

Pursue Fixed Income

Uncertainty can shake any investor's confidence and lead to costly mistakes. To overcome uncertainty, pursue fixed income.

Embrace Diversification

Embrace Diversification

We seek to provide distinct sources of return through asset classes and strategies that we feel are underappreciated or overlooked.

An investment approach driven by bold thinking

We believe in confronting uncertainty head-on – not merely reacting to change but finding opportunity in it. Find the latest thinking from our investment professionals across asset classes in the Insights section of our website, part of an ethos we call Knowledge Shared.

Taking cues from a “methodical” Fed

With valuations high and the global economy reopening, fixed income portfolio managers Dan Siluk and Jason England argue that investors should take a methodical approach in assessing what is next for the bond market.

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e-CNY: slow burn to rapid acceleration?

Jennifer James, Emerging Market Credit Portfolio Manager, explores how the People’s Bank of China’s digital currency has been several years in the making but has the potential to rapidly reshape the payments industry.

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Innovation and low valuations tailwinds for healthcare

Despite delivering positive returns, healthcare underperformed the broad market in the first half of the year. Portfolio Manager Andy Acker explains some of the reasons why – as well as why he is optimistic about the sector’s outlook.

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