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Navigating Coronavirus Uncertainty

Perspectives from our investment teams on the market impact and key considerations for investors

The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has created uncertainty about the outlook for global economic growth and led to heightened market volatility. Our clients are our top priority, and we’re focused on minimizing downside risk without losing sight of long-term opportunities. Although the virus is unique, market shocks are not, and our investment teams are experienced in managing bouts of volatility. Here, they share their latest thinking on how the coronavirus is impacting markets and what it means for investors.

Latest Insights

Can the market’s immunity last?

Aug 6, 2020

Global Head of Fixed Income Jim Cielinski discusses the outlook for bond markets and why he believes economic growth is likely to remain modest – yet positive – in the quarters ahead, justifying continued exposure to corporate bonds.

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A more stable outlook for the European high-yield market

Aug 3, 2020

In this video, Corporate Credit Portfolio Manager Tom Ross discusses the outlook for the European high-yield market and why he expects it to be relatively stable in the months ahead.

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Hamish Chamberlayne, CFA | Janus Henderson Investors

Global Sustainable Equity: news and opportunities (July 2020)

Jul 29, 2020

Hamish Chamberlayne, Head of Global Sustainable Equities, explores the most recent developments in the world of sustainability as we begin to emerge from the COVID crisis.

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Investing sustainably through the COVID crisis

Jul 22, 2020

Hamish Chamberlayne, Head of Global Sustainable Equities, explains how the global sustainable equity investing has fared through the COVID crisis so far and discusses how they have navigated the recent market rotation from growth to value factors.

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COVID-19: implications of rising cases in the US

Jul 17, 2020

Unlike some countries that have flattened the curve, the US is experiencing a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases. In this video — part of a series on the scientific and investment implications of COVID-19 —Biotech Analyst, Agustin Mohedas, explains why the US trajectory has diverged, noting how the outbreak’s dynamics are changing and what that could mean for the next phase of the pandemic.

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What a return to ‘normal’ could mean for equities

Jun 30, 2020

In our ongoing video series on COVID-19, a discussion of the pandemic’s trajectory, vaccine development and investment considerations post-crisis.

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The big rotation

Jun 15, 2020

Paul O’Connor, Head of the UK-based Multi-Asset Team, gives his thoughts on the dramatic gains across markets over the past few weeks, and considers the factors he believes need to be in place to sustain the ‘V’-shaped rally.

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Beyond the nadir

Jun 11, 2020

Just over two months has passed since markets dramatically sold off as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded. There is much talk of the ‘new normal’ in every aspect of our lives, but what does this mean for fixed income? Nick Maroutsos, Dan Siluk and Jason England, co-managers of the Absolute Return Income Team, answer some of the key questions.

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