In this short video update, Portfolio Manager Steve Weeple explains why the UK-based Global Equities Team seeks to remove the harmful influence of short-term distractions and pressures. Instead, their focus is on high-quality and growing companies that are benefiting from long-term secular trends1.

Key takeaways:

  • The Global Equities Team seeks to avoid harmful short-term distractions and pressures by taking a long-term approach
  • Strategy favours attractively-valued companies benefiting from predictable long-term secular growth trends, driven by innovation or demographics
  • Focuses on high-quality companies, exhibiting robust ESG2 characteristics, with the resilience to weather unforeseen events

1Secular trends include the ongoing shift from cash to paperless payments; the transformational effect of the internet; the ageing global demographic and the consequences this is likely to have for healthcare spend and innovation; the quest for greater energy efficiency across a wide range of industries; and the continued growth of the emerging market consumer.

2ESG: Environmental, social and governance