Video summary

Team change

Tim explains that James Ross will be joining him on the fund as co-manager. James has worked for Henderson for nearly ten years - he will now work with Tim to help analyse and implement the ideas presented by the European team's strong line-up of analysts.

Why add a co-manager?

The demands on fund managers' time are broad and varied. In Tim's view, it makes tremendous sense to have a second person to help get the best out of the strategy.

James Ross background

James moves from his previous role managing a UK long-only fund, where he focused on similar high-quality growth companies to those found in the Henderson Horizon Pan European Equity Fund.

What attracted James to the position?

James has previous experience of working with Tim as part of the Pan European team at Henderson. They get on very well at a personal level and share a similar investment philosophy. From James's perspective, he is excited about the scale of opportunity the fund provides, looking for investments across European (including UK) markets.

Will the investment process change?

The fund's investment process will remain the same. Tim and James will continue searching for good quality, consistent, steady and reliable companies that can increase their return to shareholders. Tim is confident that the addition of a co-manager, supported by a strong 'crew' of analysts, can help to get the very best out of a popular and well-designed fund.

Current challenges

James covers some of the short-term challenges facing European markets, from French and German elections coming up, to the potential implications of Brexit and ongoing political uncertainty in Spain and Italy. In his view, however, Europe is not alone in facing geopolitical uncertainty. He and Tim will continue to focus on finding good quality growth stocks with strong prospects.