In the latest installment of our video series on the scientific and investment implications of COVID-19, Biotech Analyst, Agustin Mohedas, discusses how efforts to develop treatments and vaccines have accelerated innovation in healthcare. He also provides insight on the potential impact of certain states reopening their economies and what the timeline to develop an effective vaccine could look like.

 Key takeaways:

  • Efforts to generate vaccines for COVID-19 highlight the importance of innovation in healthcare and demonstrate how quickly new technologies can be developed.
  • These efforts are also helping some companies accelerate their technological capabilities in a rapid and meaningful way. In addition, smaller companies with cutting-edge technology are starting to partner with pharmaceutical giants, which can ramp up manufacturing and distribution.
  • A number of vaccines are currently being tested on healthy volunteers to determine the drugs' safety. While larger clinical trials will be needed to gauge the efficacy of these drugs, some vaccines could be approved by early next year and in turn become broadly available in the second half of 2021.


This video was recorded on 13 May 2020.