It was a long time coming.

Just seven days before the deadline at the end of last year - and some 4 ½ years after the original membership referendum - the UK finally struck a 'no tariffs, no quotas' trade deal with the EU.​​​​

Brexit is a process not an event. It's early days, of course, and there are many aspects of the deal's implementation that have yet to be finalised but, in this episode of Trust TV, we're discussing the impact on the European economy, and stock market, of this landmark event.

Janus Henderson Investment Trusts is delighted to welcome Jamie Ross, portfolio manager of the EU-focused Henderson EuroTrust, to the Trust TV studio.

Watch Jamie discuss the early market reactions, the 'on the ground' challenges being faced by businesses, the differing effects on large and small cap stocks, the sector winners and losers, the outlook for 2021, and other themes relevant to investors focused on EU markets.

For a UK perspective, watch Job Curtis, portfolio manager of City of London Investment Trust, who also joined us in the studio.