It's been an interesting, not to say testing, decade for those in pursuit of reliable investment income.

The aftermath of the global financial crisis presented its own challenges. In the interim, we've experienced interest rates at historic lows and bond yields on the floor – indeed negative in some cases – precipitating a clamour for equity income as investors have grown accustomed to a 'lower for longer' environment.

More recently, unprecedented central bank stimulus, the prospects for a post-COVID global recovery, and the inevitable release of pent-up demand are combining to herald the return of inflation, placing additional pressure on those in need of real income returns.

Nick Britton of the AIC welcome’s Ben Lofthouse, portfolio manager of specialist equity income trust Henderson International Income, into the Trust TV studio.

Ben reflects on the opportunities and headwinds he's experienced in looking to deliver an income-focused return over the past decade, and how the portfolio is positioned to take advantage of the prevailing market conditions over the next 12 months or so.