Whilst COVID-19 has undoubtedly brought its unique challenges, value has been predominantly out of favour since well before the emergence of the virus, and for most of the last decade. Right now, it's rarely been cheaper ... and the premium applied to growth never higher.

Adversity brings opportunity. Has the pandemic ushered in an era where we can confidently anticipate some meaningful re-ratings of these historically cheap valuations?

Janus Henderson investment trusts is delighted to welcome Tom O'Hara, portfolio manager of the Henderson European Focus Trust.

Watch Tom in the Trust TV studio as he discusses his approach to determining 'value', the themes he is currently pursuing, the sectors which would seem to offer strong re-rating potential, large vs small cap stocks, whether the return of dividends will act as a catalyst for unlocking the latent value in continental equities, and other themes relevant to the value-seeking investor.

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