Uncertainty can shake any investor’s confidence and lead to costly mistakes. To overcome uncertainty, pursue fixed income.

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Fixed income

New Era, New Roadmap

Traditional lines in fixed income investing have been blurred by low rates and a proliferation of new strategies. As a result, what was once a fairly straightforward asset class focused on providing downside protection and income is now disorienting for many investors. In this new era, we think it's more important than ever to focus on an investor's goals rather than attempt to find a single solution.


Funds in focus


Risk-managing, core fixed income

Dig deeper

New Consideration: With most global
sovereign bond rates below 1% or
negative, traditional benchmarks with
large, passive weightings to sovereign
debt are no longer a bond investor’s
North Star.

New Roadmap: Dig deeper into the
defensive tool kit; understand new
opportunities and trade offs within
securitized, investment grade corporates,
and both short and intermediate duration.


Move beyond traditional benchmarks

A brave new world

New Consideration: COVID-era volatility
has been relentless in exacerbating the
gaps and concentrations in fixed income
allocations. There has been a decade’s
worth of new dynamic fixed income
strategy launches, but COVID-19 and the
GFC prove that no amount of innovation
has escaped the fact that increased yield
carries increased risk.

New Roadmap: Diversifying strategies are
dynamic tools that can “re-risk” core fixed
income overweights and/or “de-risk”
overly aggressive fixed income allocations.
However, we believe investors need to
focus on managers who streamline their
approach and limit exposure to esoteric
asset classes and complex approaches
that can generate unintended risk.

Increase Income

High income opportunities

Expertise and grit

New Consideration: A historical bull
market in the riskiest – and highestreturning
– fixed income markets was
followed by a sell-off unprecedented in
both speed and magnitude, creating oncein-
a-lifetime opportunities alongside the
potential for another drastic sell-off.

New Roadmap: Wide spreads don’t
guarantee positive prospective returns,
but investors need to pay heed to the
opportunities presented. Sector- and
security-selection expertise tied to
appropriate timing and a strong stomach
are the necessary ingredients in order to
navigate a rebound in these markets.

Meet the experts

Our Fixed Income teams provide coverage across the asset class, applying a wide range of differentiated techniques. These teams include those adopting global unconstrained approaches through to those with more focused mandates. The capabilities of these teams can be accessed through individual strategies and are combined where appropriate to form multi-strategy offerings.

Jenna Barnard, CFA

Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income | Portfolio Manager

Jenna Barnard is Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income at Janus Henderson Investors, a position she has held since 2015. She has 19 years of financial industry experience.

John Pattullo

Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income | Portfolio Manager

John Pattullo is Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income at Janus Henderson Investors. A position he has held since 2015. He has 27 years of financial industry experience.

Nick Maroutsos

Co-Head of Global Bonds | Portfolio Manager

Nick Maroutsos is Head of Global Bonds at Janus Henderson Investors. He is also a Portfolio Manager.  He has 21 years of financial industry experience.

Jason England

Portfolio Manager

Jason England is a Global Bonds Portfolio Manager at Janus Henderson Investors. He has 26 years of financial industry experience.

Daniel Siluk

Portfolio Manager

Daniel Siluk is a Portfolio Manager at Kapstream Capital, a subsidiary of Janus Henderson Investors. He has 17 years of financial industry experience.

Tom Ross, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Tom Ross is a Corporate Credit Portfolio Manager at Janus Henderson Investors. He has 18 years of financial industry experience.

Seth Meyer, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Seth Meyer is a Portfolio Manager at Janus Henderson Investors. He has 22 years of financial industry experience.

Global Fixed Income Perspectives

Quarterly insight from our fixed income teams to help clients navigate
the risks and opportunities ahead.

Investment Insights

Our intellectual capital is readily available and central to our Knowledge Shared approach.

Central to our Knowledge Shared approach is making the intellectual capital of our investment teams and subject matter experts available to our clients. Click to explore the Fixed Income Team’s views on key topics that are shaping their investment strategy.

Conditions in the high yield market

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October 8, 2020

ABS is an attractive and yet under-utilised asset class with a number of differentiating features. The following paper provides a brief examination of this specialist asset class, outlining the case for its appeal as an investment.

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