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Matt Frei

Keynote speaker: Europe Editor, Channel 4 News

Matt Frei is a presenter at Channel 4 News and the current Europe Editor. He is also part of the wider presenting team across Channel 4’s news and current affairs portfolio, including the award- winning ‘Dispatches’ programme.

Previously Matt served as Washington Correspondent for two years and led the coverage of the Americas on everything from business and culture to US foreign policy and its view of the world. In October 2012, Matt headed Channel 4’s coverage of the US Presidential election, including making a documentary “The American Road Trip: Obama’s story”. In January 2016, Matt reported on his own documentary investigating the world of Donald Trump and those that surround him, entitled “The Mad World of Donald Trump”.

Matt won an Emmy in October 2017 for his Syria coverage and also the Bayeux war correspondents award. He was awarded a BAFTA for ‘Best News Coverage’ in 2016, for his coverage for the Paris Attacks, and also received the Peabody Award in 2010. Additionally, Matt is the author of two books – “Italy: The Unfinished Revolution”, and “Only in America”, looking at life in America and where they fit in to global politics.