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A new paradigm – investment themes explored (June 2020)

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Introducing the Janus Henderson Equity Perspectives
By Alex Crooke, Co-Head of Equities – EMEA & Asia Pacific

Key takeaways

  • The new Equity Perspectives launches at a particularly volatile time for markets with investors naturally uncertain about the path ahead. Here we seek to provide some of our views to help inform investment decision making.
  • Janus Henderson has a wide range of expertise across equities globally. Our teams are able to develop their own approaches and views on markets; the quarterly Equity Perspectives will share their views on the challenges and opportunities ahead.
  • In this first edition, we explore the current global backdrop and ask what the post COVID-19 world might look like from a U.S., Global Sustainable, Asian, Emerging Market and Life Science equities perspective.

Video transcript

Welcome to this new Equity Perspectives. We're really lucky to have great breadth and talent at Janus Henderson. We've got regional equity teams covering the U.S., Europe, Asia and Japan, and even emerging markets. And we've got specialist equity teams covering certain sectors or maybe sustainable investments. And then finally we’ve got global teams covering everything. This Perspectives is a quarterly publication providing insight into our current thinking, and it's supplemented by timely articles and videos we post on an ongoing basis as part of our Knowledge Shared approach.

So at Janus Henderson, we do not employ a standardized ‘house view’. Teams are allowed to develop their own approaches and views of markets. So this means sometimes there will be differing opinions, but we believe that that debate and challenge of ideas within Janus Henderson is healthy and results in better outcomes for our clients.

So we're launching this first edition of Perspectives after a particularly volatile period in markets. And I think the debate from here really is about the future normal state of the world. Key for us is the pace of recovery. Will it be V-shaped or U-shaped? Will governments prioritize the economy over medical advice for longer lockdowns and how are we going to get people economically active again with the confidence to travel, to shop, to work? I think another interesting debate is about how companies are managed. Will they be managed more for resilience – less debt, more equity maybe, rather than efficiency? And that government support that we're seeing comes at a cost. Will the loans that they're using to help support businesses turn into equity in the future?

So here we're going to ask some of our investment teams how they see the world changing as a result of the crisis. And they'll explore what the key issues and risks and opportunities might be for investors on a longer-term view. I hope you enjoy.




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Our Equity Capabilities

Janus Henderson provides an active approach to equity investing. The equities platform is shaped by the belief that fundamental research* is the foundation for delivering alpha*. Independent thought and unique viewpoints are central to this approach and result in portfolios that are meaningfully different to an index. Each team expresses their individual, high-conviction ideas through processes that have evolved to suit their specific areas of the market and within robust risk control frameworks.

While operating with independence, the equities teams benefit from collaboration and shared research that provide a source of portfolio ideas. The culture encourages intellectual challenge and stimulating debate to test – and ultimately strengthen – investment thinking. The success of ideas is measured by overall client outcomes with the aim to deliver consistent, long-term risk-adjusted excess returns over benchmarks and peers regardless of the investment landscape. This effort is supported by award-winning, proprietary portfolio construction technology and a cultural emphasis on the client promise.

The equity teams, led by Co-Heads of Equities Alex Crooke and George Maris, include 167 investment professionals, responsible for US$149.9bn in assets under management[1]. The teams include those with a global perspective, those with a regional focus – US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets – and those invested in specialist sectors. A range of growth, value and absolute return styles are employed.

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[1] Source: Janus Henderson, as at 31 March 2020.
*Fundamental research: The analysis of information that contributes to the valuation of a security, such as a company’s earnings or the evaluation of its management team, as well as wider economic factors. This contrasts with technical analysis, which is centred on idiosyncrasies within financial markets, such as detecting seasonal patterns.
*Alpha: Alpha is the difference between a portfolio's return and its benchmark’s return after adjusting for the level of risk taken. A positive alpha suggests that a portfolio has delivered a superior return given the risk taken.

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