In this video, Laura Foll, Co-Portfolio Manager of Henderson Opportunities Trust, discusses the Trust’s recent performance highlighting the contribution from different ‘buckets’ to performance and areas where she is finding opportunities. Laura also touches on the Trust’s discount.

Key takeaways

  • The Henderson Opportunities Trust has performed strongly over the last one, three, five and ten years. This solid performance can be attributed to the Trust’s exposure to a blend of UK smaller companies.
  • Laura is currently finding opportunities within the recovery, natural resources, and large companies’ buckets. This includes companies such as Marks & Spencer and Revolution Bars which have benefitted from the UK’s economic recovery.
  • The Trust’s discount has widened in recent months; however, this is not exclusive to the Trust and has been a sector wide trend due to outflows from the UK equity market. However, consistent outperformance should ultimately lead to a narrowing of the discount over time.