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Ben Lofthouse, CFA | Janus Henderson Investors

Global Equity Income in 2023: Steady dividend growth and attractive valuations

A review of global equity markets in 2022 and the outlook for dividends in the year ahead.

UK equities – reasons for optimism in 2023

Arguments for a modest rather than severe UK recession and why UK smaller companies are currently looking attractive.

Evaluating US growth equities in a market that remains murky

In his 2023 investment outlook, Doug Rao discusses pursuing durable US growth in a market that remains in flux.

Fixed Income

Short-duration bonds in 2023: Staying cautious amid uncertainty

Bond investors should manage their expectations about how long policymakers are willing to endure high interest rates.

Emerging markets debt Sri Lankan fishermen

Emerging markets debt: a silver lining to the global slowdown?

Could a shift in the US hiking cycle spell a brighter outlook for hard currency emerging market debt? The Emerging Markets Debt Hard Currency team explores.

High quality bonds are primed to bloom in 2023

The titan arum only flowers occasionally, but when it does, the results are impressive; high quality bonds could be set for a similar display in 2023.

The inverted yield curve: Making the case for fixed income in 2023?

In their 2023 outlook, Seth Meyer and John Lloyd look at the historical impact of an inverted yield curve on fixed income returns.

Alternatives and Multi-Asset

Multi-asset outlook for 2023 – light at the end of the tunnel

With most of the bad news seemingly already priced in on the interest rate front, Paul O’Connor explores whether markets will deliver positive returns for investors in 2023.

Bridge into mist

Absolute return: ready for uncertainty in 2023

In this video, Luke Newman discusses the prospects for absolute return in 2023 following a truly challenging year for global markets, marked by inflationary pressures, rising rates and slowing growth.

Alternatives Investment Outlook: The scale of change demands a different mindset

Explore the opportunity for alternatives investing following a year that tested the resilience of traditional strategies built around ‘core’ asset classes.