Responsible investment


Responsible Investment is the term Janus Henderson uses to cover its work on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues in the companies in which we invest.

Responsible Investment Policy

Janus Henderson's Responsible Investment Policy sets out our approach to ESG issues, including proxy voting policy, for our Investment Management business, which includes all our equities and fixed income teams.

We believe that in order to achieve long-term success, companies need not only to conceive and execute appropriate business strategies, but also to maintain high standards of corporate governance and corporate responsibility. We therefore expect companies to operate according to recognised national and international standards in these areas.

The Stewardship Statement

Janus Henderson is committed to the principles of good stewardship. We support the UK and Japanese Stewardship Codes and similar initiatives around the world, in addition to our regulatory obligations.

Our Stewardship Statement was published in June 2019 and can be found below:

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We implement our Responsible Investment Policy through active management, integration of ESG factors into investment decision making, voting and company engagement.

Responsible Investment Committee

Janus Henderson has a Responsible Investment Committee which oversees and reviews the implementation of the Responsible Investment Policy and any other related corporate governance and responsible investment matters within Janus Henderson that may arise. The Committee is chaired by our Head of Equities, and comprises representatives from all our fund management teams as well as the Governance and Responsible Investment team.

The Committee is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of our corporate governance and corporate responsibility work in influencing companies and generating analysis of value to our investment decision-making.

Governance and Responsible Investment Team

The Governance and Responsible Investment team (GRI) works closely with our investment teams to assist in the implementation of our policy. The team provides support to fund managers on research and engagement and leads on our participation in various external ESG initiatives. The GRI team is also responsible for overseeing our proxy voting process on behalf of fund managers.

ESG integration

Fund managers are ultimately responsible for the integration of ESG issues into investment decision making and engagement as part of their investment processes. To help facilitate this we subscribe to a wide range of specialist external ESG research to complement in-house research and engagement. This research is made directly available to all investment teams, as well as being used by the GRI team to screen for ESG issues of concern. In addition, fund managers receive detailed ESG investment risk reports which are discussed at regular risk review meetings.


We take an active approach to communicating our views to companies and seeking improvements where we believe there are shortcomings in performance, or a company has failed to apply appropriate standards, or to provide adequate disclosure. We will continue our dialogue with the company over an extended period if necessary. Escalation of our engagement activities will depend upon the company's individual circumstances. Actions may include communications through the company's brokers, direct engagement with the chairman or non-executive directors or joint intervention with other shareholders, and where appropriate, voting against board proposals.


We believe that voting at general meetings is an important aspect of corporate stewardship and a means of signalling shareholder views on board policy, practices and performance. We exercise voting rights on behalf of clients at all UK and global meetings. Where voting impediments are in place, such as share blocking, we vote on a case-by-case basis.

The Janus Henderson view represents the house position. The views expressed are the opinion of Janus Henderson Investors and reflects the way Janus Henderson acted based on available information. It should not be relied upon for any other purpose.

UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

Janus Henderson is a founding signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. The Principles, developed under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General, are a voluntary and aspirational framework for incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues into mainstream investment decision-making and ownership practices.

Team members

Anthony Marsden | Janus Henderson Investors

Antony Marsden

Head of Governance and Responsible Investment

Antony Marsden is Head of Governance & Responsible Investment at Janus Henderson Investors, a title he has held as part of the Henderson team since 2014. In this role, he is responsible for leading the implementation of Janus Henderson’s responsible investment policies and for supporting the integration of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues across Janus Henderson’s investment teams. Antony joined Henderson in 2005 as corporate governance manager. Prior to joining Henderson, he spent over six years at Pensions & Investment Research Consultants Ltd (PIRC), a corporate governance consultancy, in a variety of roles. Antony has a degree in politics and international studies from the University of Warwick and an MSc with distinction in corporate governance and ethics from Birkbeck College, University of London. He holds the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and has 19 years financial industry experience.

David Ray | Janus Henderson Investors

David Ray

Analyst, Governance and Responsible Investment

David Ray is a Governance and Responsible Investment Analyst at Janus Henderson, a position he has held since joining Janus Henderson in 2018. Prior to Janus Henderson, David was employed in a research role at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, and has completed work as a sustainability consultant. Before working in sustainability, he was employed a scientist and technical consultant in the aerospace sector. David has a degree in physics from the University of Sheffield and an MSc with distinction in environmental technology from Imperial College London. He holds the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and has 2 years of financial industry experience.

Olivia Gull | Janus Henderson Investors

Olivia Gull

Analyst, Governance and Responsible Investment

Olivia Gull is a Governance and Responsible Investment Analyst at Janus Henderson, a position she has held since June 2018. Olivia joined Henderson in 2015 and has worked on the broker relations team as well as the front office governance and risk team. Prior to Henderson, Olivia worked at the Centre for Chinese studies in South Africa while completing the Chinese Proficiency Exam (HSK 3). Olivia has a degree in international studies from Stellenbosch University, majoring in politics and Mandarin. She sits on the Janus Henderson Diversity and Inclusion EMEA council and holds the Investment Management Certificate (IMC). She has 3 years of financial industry experience.


As part of our commitment to responsible investment, Janus Henderson is involved in a wide range of ESG related initiatives as a member, supporter or in an advisory capacity. These initiatives include: