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Making sense of the new ‘normal’ (Oct 2020)

Making sense of the new ‘normal’ (Oct 2020)
By Alex Crooke, Co-Head of Equities – EMEA & Asia Pacific

Key takeaways

  • Janus Henderson has broad expertise across equities globally. Our teams are able to develop their own approaches and views on markets; the quarterly Equity Perspectives shares some of this thinking.
  • In this second edition, we examine the question of what the new ‘normal’ will be from a US, Technology, Real Estate, European and Value equities perspectives.
  • While many uncertainties remain, economies continue to receive central bank and government support and many companies are finding new ways to operate and benefit as social and working environments change.

Insights from our Global Teams

Insights from our Global Teams

Director of Research Matt Peron says that while the 2020 U.S. presidential race could create volatility for stocks, such pullbacks are often based on fear, not long-term fundamentals.

Portfolio Manager Denny Fish argues that a long view is essential for maximising the opportunity presented by the forces driving the transition to a digital global economy.

Global real estate Portfolio Managers Guy Barnard, Tim Gibson and Greg Kuhl address misperceptions investors may have about real estate post-COVID-19 and explain why the team believes it remains an attractive and relevant asset class.

US equities Portfolio Manager Nick Schommer discusses the importance of durable, competitively advantaged business models amid a disrupted economic environment.

John Bennett, Director of European Equities, explains the potential turning point in markets that could propel European equities to compete with the long-running and seemingly invincible US bull market.

Portfolio Manager Justin Tugman discusses factors that may point to a leadership change from growth to value stocks. He also explores the potential a defensive value-based approach offers investors concerned with ongoing market volatility and lofty stock valuations.