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Funds in focus

Here we highlight the funds and strategies that we believe should be on the radar for investors given current investment conditions and evolving client needs.

Absolute Return Income | Janus Henderson Investors

Absolute Return Income

Navigating through volatile markets

The Absolute Return Income strategy is a complement to conventinoal fixed income approaches and aims to provide positive returns across various market conditions. the team places a focus on low volatility and preserving capital.


Multi-Asset Core Income

Expertly Mixed

Multi-Asset Core Income is a range of actively managed, lower cost, risk-targeted, income-seeking funds. The managers expertly mix assets from across the global market spectrum, aiming to diversify sources of income and returns.

Balanced Fund | Una formazione bilanciata | Janus Henderson Investors

Janus Henderson Balanced Fund

Una formazione bilanciata


Interactive Property Map

Location, location

By its very nature commercial property is a physical asset class. That is why our interactive map brings to life the Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF by allowing you to see the location of each asset in the portfolio. What is more, by homing in and clicking on a property you can bring up a photograph and brief description. Discover for yourself the fund’s focus on high-quality properties with a sensible spread of tenants and assets.