The Fund aims to provide a return, from a combination of capital growth and income, while seeking to limit losses to capital (although not guaranteed).
Performance target: To outperform the `Balanced´ Index (55% S&P 500 + 45% Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond) by 1.5% per annum, before the deduction of charges, over any 5 year period.


The Fund invests between 35%-65% of its assets in the shares (equities) of mainly US companies, and between 35%-65% of its assets in bonds of any quality, including up to 35% in high yield (non-investment grade) bonds and loans (non-investment grade) issued mainly by US companies or the US government.
The Fund may also invest in other assets including companies and bonds outside the US, cash and money market instruments.
The investment manager may use derivatives (complex financial instruments) to reduce risk, to manage the Fund more efficiently, or to generate additional capital or income for the Fund.
The Fund is actively managed with reference to the `Balanced´ Index (55% S&P 500 + 45% Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond), which is broadly representative of the companies and bonds in which it may invest, as this forms the basis of the Fund's performance target. The investment manager has a high degree of freedom to choose individual investments for the Fund.


The value of an investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise as a result of market and currency fluctuations and you may not get back the amount originally invested.
Potential investors must read the prospectus, and where relevant, the key investor information document before investing.
This website is a Marketing Communication and does not qualify as an investment recommendation.


  • Large-cap growth equities paired with an actively managed intermediate-term bond strategy for strong risk-adjusted return potential
  • Dynamic asset allocation strategy that has the flexibility to defensively position ahead of market volatility by migrating from 35-65% equity depending on conditions
  • Integrated research allows our equity and fixed income analysts to work side by side covering the same global sectors