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The investment ramifications of a multipolar world

Matthew Culley

Matthew Culley

Portfolio Manager | Research Analyst

Daniel J. Graña, CFA

Daniel J. Graña, CFA

Portfolio Manager, Emerging Market Equity

15 Jun 2022

Contrary to the rise of globalization and the commodities super cycle over the past 20 years, emerging markets now face a host of unique conditions that will help determine their attractiveness for investors.

The Janus Henderson Emerging Market Equities Team believe we have moved beyond "peak globalization" and are entering a new phase of deglobalization where investment returns will require active management, incorporating top-down country and bottom-up company analysis within a framework of both political and corporate governance.

The two pillars that drove EM returns over past decades – outsourcing and convergence – will, in the team’s view, increasingly be complemented by the emergence of innovation as a driving force of future returns.

Any reference to individual companies is purely for the purpose of illustration and should not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell or advice in relation to investment, legal or tax matters.

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