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Navigate the risks and opportunities ahead with our 2023 portfolio manager outlooks.

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A focus on rational expectations key for technology stocks

A discussion on valuations, growth expectations for 2023 and how technology can address some of the world’s major challenges.

Global tech in 2023: An opportunity for the strongest businesses

As macro drivers give way to corporate fundamentals, look for the strongest businesses to lead the tech sector higher.

Fixed Income

High quality bonds are primed to bloom in 2023

The titan arum only flowers occasionally, but when it does, the results are impressive; high quality bonds could be set for a similar display in 2023.

US core fixed income: Better positioned going into 2023?

Following a challenging year, Greg Wilensky believes U.S. core fixed income is poised for better risk-adjusted returns in 2023.

High yield bonds: 2023 is a year for core strength

Tom Ross explains that while high yield bond investors may need some inner strength to get past peak fear, 2023 may prove manageable if the economic downturn is shallow.

Fixed Income Investment Outlook: Ingredients in the mix for a more appetising 2023

Cumulative central bank policy should dampen inflation, bringing relief on rates in 2023 but the outlook for credit is set to be more challenged.

Alternatives and Multi-Asset

Alternatives review of 2022 and outlook for 2023

Is there a simple route to adjust a portfolio’s exposure to interest rates and equity market gyrations in 2023? James de Bunsen explores.

The forecasters were right

Just how good an indicator of future performance are earnings predictions?

Alternatives Investment Outlook: The scale of change demands a different mindset

Explore the opportunity for alternatives investing following a year that tested the resilience of traditional strategies built around ‘core’ asset classes.