For investors in Hong Kong

Horizon Pan European Absolute Return Fund

This fund is no longer available for marketing to the public in Hong Kong


EUR 18.05
As of 2022/01/17

1-Day Change
EUR 0.04 (0.22%)
As of 2022/01/17

Key investment risks:

  • The Fund's investments in equities are subject to equity securities risk due to fluctuation of securities values.
  • Investments in the Fund involve general investment, currency, liquidity, hedging, market, economic, political, regulatory, taxation, securities lending related, reverse repurchase transactions related, financial and interest rate risks.


  • In extreme market conditions, you may lose your entire investment.
  • The Fund may invest in financial derivatives instruments for investment purposes, to reduce risk and to manage the Fund more efficiently; which may involve counterparty, liquidity, leverage, volatility, valuation, over-the-counter transaction and short position risks. It may suffer total or substantial losses.
  • The Fund’s investments are concentrated in Europe (including the UK) and may be more volatile.
  • The Fund may invest in Eurozone/PIIGS and may suffer from European sovereign debt crisis risk.
  • The Fund may charge performance fees . An investor may be subject to such fee even if there is a loss in investment capital.
  • Investors should not only base on this document alone to make investment decisions and should read the offering documents including the risk factors for further details.