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Global Adaptive Capital Preservation Fund

Asset allocation fund informed by views on extreme market movements


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As of 24/11/2021

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As of 24/11/2021

Morningstar ratings are based on the representative share class of this fund and are dated to the last month-end upon availability from Morningstar.



The Fund aims to provide positive, consistent returns (although not guaranteed) above those that would be earned on cash deposits over time over the long term.
Performance target: To outperform the Bloomberg 1 month US Treasury Bill Index by 1% per annum, before the deduction of charges, over any 5 year period.


The Fund invests in a globally diverse portfolio of company shares (also known as equities) and equity-related investments, bonds of any type, cash and money market instruments. The Fund may gain its exposure to these assets either directly, via other funds (collective investment schemes, including exchange traded funds), and investment trusts/companies, or by using derivatives (complex financial instruments). The investment manager has flexibility to shift allocations between different asset classes and may invest up to 100% of its assets in any of these classes, depending on prevailing market conditions. The Fund has no specific geographical or industrial focus and may invest in developing countries.
The investment manager may use derivatives (complex financial instruments), including total return swaps, with the aim of making investment gains in line with the Fund’s objective, to reduce risk or to manage the Fund more efficiently.
The Fund is actively managed with reference to the Bloomberg 1 month US Treasury Bill Index, as this forms the basis of the Fund’s performance target. The investment manager has a high degree of freedom to choose individual investments for the Fund.


The value of an investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise as a result of market and currency fluctuations and you may not get back the amount originally invested.
Potential investors must read the prospectus, and where relevant, the key investor information document before investing.
This website is for promotional purposes and does not qualify as an investment recommendation.


  • The strategy seeks total return by allocating across global equity and global fixed income investments
  • Using proprietary technology to analyse option pricing, the fund will adjust its asset allocations based on the future probability of extreme ('tail event') market moves, both to the upside and downside.
  • Attempts to reduce the risk of significant loss while participating in the upside growth of capital markets
Past performance is not a guide to future performance. 


Ashwin Alankar, PhD

Head of Global Asset Allocation | Portfolio Manager

Industry since 2001. Joined Firm in 2014.


Past performance is not a guide to future performance. All performance data includes both income and capital gains or losses and reflects the deduction of any ongoing charges or other fund expenses.
Discrete Performance (%)
As of 30/09/2021
I2 USD (Net) BB U.S. Treasury Bellwethers: 1 Month (USD)
Sep-2020 - Sep-2021 Sep-2019 - Sep-2020 Sep-2018 - Sep-2019 Sep-2017 - Sep-2018 Sep-2016 - Sep-2017
I2 USD (Net) 3.75 -1.61 2.32 2.17 -
BB U.S. Treasury Bellwethers: 1 Month (USD) 0.04 0.80 2.18 1.44 -
Sep-2020 - Sep-2021 Sep-2019 - Sep-2020 Sep-2018 - Sep-2019 Sep-2017 - Sep-2018 Sep-2016 - Sep-2017
I2 USD (Gross) 4.52 -0.87 3.07 2.93 -
BB U.S. Treasury Bellwethers: 1 Month (USD) + 1.00% 1.04 1.81 3.21 2.45 -
Cumulative & Annualised Performance (%)
As of 31/10/2021
I2 USD (Net) BB U.S. Treasury Bellwethers: 1 Month (USD)
  Cumulative Annualised
1MO YTD 1YR 3YR 5YR 10YR Since Inception
I2 USD (Net) 0.46 2.07 4.33 1.95 - - 1.85
BB U.S. Treasury Bellwethers: 1 Month (USD) 0.00 0.03 0.04 0.95 - - 1.07
3YR 5YR 10YR Since Inception
I2 USD (Gross) - - - 2.61
BB U.S. Treasury Bellwethers: 1 Month (USD) + 1.00% - - - 2.08
I2 USD (Net) BB U.S. Treasury Bellwethers: 1 Month (USD)
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
I2 USD (Net) - - -0.10 4.59 -0.84
BB U.S. Treasury Bellwethers: 1 Month (USD) - - 1.71 2.07 0.42
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
I2 USD (Gross) - - 0.64 5.35 -0.09
BB U.S. Treasury Bellwethers: 1 Month (USD) + 1.00% - - 2.74 3.09 1.42
Initial Charge 2.00%
Annual Charge 0.50%
Ongoing Charge
(As of 30/06/2021)


  • The value of the Funds and the income from them is not guaranteed and may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you originally invested.
  • Past performance is not a guide to future performance.
  • Third party data is believed to be reliable, but its completeness and accuracy is not guaranteed.
  • Shares can lose value rapidly, and typically involve higher risks than bonds or money market instruments. The value of your investment may fall as a result.
  • An issuer of a bond (or money market instrument) may become unable or unwilling to pay interest or repay capital to the Fund. If this happens or the market perceives this may happen, the value of the bond will fall.
  • When interest rates rise (or fall), the prices of different securities will be affected differently. In particular, bond values generally fall when interest rates rise. This risk is generally greater the longer the maturity of a bond investment.
  • Emerging markets expose the Fund to higher volatility and greater risk of loss than developed markets; they are susceptible to adverse political and economic events, and may be less well regulated with less robust custody and settlement procedures.
  • This Fund may have a particularly concentrated portfolio relative to its investment universe or other funds in its sector. An adverse event impacting even a small number of holdings could create significant volatility or losses for the Fund.
  • The Fund may use derivatives towards the aim of achieving its investment objective. This can result in 'leverage', which can magnify an investment outcome and gains or losses to the Fund may be greater than the cost of the derivative. Derivatives also introduce other risks, in particular, that a derivative counterparty may not meet its contractual obligations.
  • If the Fund holds assets in currencies other than the base currency of the Fund or you invest in a share class of a different currency to the Fund (unless 'hedged'), the value of your investment may be impacted by changes in exchange rates.
  • Securities within the Fund could become hard to value or to sell at a desired time and price, especially in extreme market conditions when asset prices may be falling, increasing the risk of investment losses.
  • The Fund could lose money if a counterparty with which the Fund trades becomes unwilling or unable to meet its obligations, or as a result of failure or delay in operational processes or the failure of a third party provider.
  • Information on compliance with EU sustainable related disclosures can be found here.
  • Funds incur costs as a necessary part of buying and selling the underlying investments, these are otherwise known as portfolio transaction costs, and include charges such as broker commission and Stamp Duty.
  • For detailed product information including the risks associated with investing please read the relevant Prospectus or Annual Report.
  • Before investing in any of our funds you should satisfy yourself as to the suitability and the risks involved.
  • Summary of Investor rights