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US small-cap value equities: optimism, caution and a focus on quality

Perkins* Portfolio Manager Justin Tugman makes the case for optimism, caution and the potential for the reemergence of quality in US small-cap value equities.

*Perkins Investment Management is a subsidiary of Janus Henderson.

A fertile ground for European smaller companies stock pickers in 2021

European smaller companies managers Rory Stokes and Ollie Beckett discuss their outlook for the asset class in 2021.

A step closer to a digital future

Portfolio manager Denny Fish explains how this past year brought the global economy closer to a digital future.

Fixed Income

2021 — in a word: recovery

Andrew Mulliner, Portfolio Manager and Head of Global Aggregate Strategies, explains why 2021 will likely be a year of recovery, though he cautions that we should keep one eye on inflation and inflation expectations.

Euro investment grade: where less is more in 2021

Tim Winstone, corporate credit portfolio manager, sees reduced bond issuance, ongoing policy support and a recovering economy helping to underpin euro investment grade bonds in 2021.

Reaching for normal: the outlook for 2021

Portfolio Manager Seth Meyer discusses how a return to normal in 2021 should be supportive for credit markets.

Alternative and Multi-Asset

Multi-asset outlook 2021 – all change

News of game-changing vaccines have heralded a dramatic change in expectations for markets and the economy in 2021. Paul O’Connor, Head of the UK-based Multi Asset Team, considers the rationale behind this optimism.

Diversified alternatives: adapt and evolve

David Elms, Head of Diversified Alternatives, argues for new thinking for investors’ portfolios in 2021, following a year in which the pandemic posed unfamiliar challenges for industries.

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