Janus Henderson Co-CEO Dick Weil talks to Bloomberg TV about the benefits of combining an active and passive approach to investing. He also provides his view on the risk of crowded trades, the scope for interest rate rises, and taking advantage of growth in the Chinese market.
This video was recorded for Bloomberg TV on 23 January 2018, 20:33 GMT. Used with permission.

Main points:

  • Selling volatility has arguably become a crowded trade. Dick thinks this is likely to reverse as interest rates rise and market volatility increases.
  • He argues that passive and active are not substitutes for each other; he believes the best asset allocators are those that carefully combine both.
  • When considering the pros and cons of active and passive, investors should consider their investment horizon, fees/charges, and risk versus potential returns.
  • His view is that a professional asset manager is probably better suited to take advantage of Chinese growth given the dynamics of this often challenging marketplace.