Carmel Wellso, Director of Research, examines the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on financial markets and discusses what Janus Henderson’s team of analysts from around the world are evaluating, including long-term behavioural changes.

    Key takeaways

  • The Global Research Team are looking beyond the headlines and evaluating the detail, which includes some positives such as healthcare companies focusing on the development of faster tests and potential therapies for COVID-19, and capacity utilisation picking up in China.
  • Carmel believes that there is not the systemic risk that was experienced during the Global Financial Crisis. Balance sheets of many companies are typically stronger, notably the largest index constituents, which are often net cash. Banks are also stronger holding less of the highest risk debt.
  • Janus Henderson has a team of healthcare specialists who are examining COVID-19 issues, and a team of analysts based around the world who are feeding portfolio managers with data, and can pull together a good picture of developing trends and what the future may hold for companies around the world.