The search for an effective COVID-19 treatment is gaining momentum, with public and private entities partnering to speed the process. In this fourth installment of a video series on the scientific and investment implications of COVID-19, Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst Dan Lyons explains the latest drug developments, as well as whether the US can meet its aggressive testing goals to reopen the economy.

 Key takeaways:

  • The number of COVID-19 tests being done in the US falls far short of what experts say is needed to safely reopen the economy. But one company says it can produce five million tests weekly, suggesting widescale testing may be possible.
  • One drug being studied as a treatment for COVID-19, remdesivir, recently delivered positive clinical trial results. Although not a cure-all, the drug could be an important first step towards curtailing the global pandemic.
  • Currently, 70 to 90 different vaccine programmes are underway, with the private and public sectors partnering to accelerate research efforts and scale manufacturing