Mid-year 2023

Our mid-year 2023 investment outlook for navigating market trends and portfolio opportunities.

Worst case avoided

While challenges remain, the worst-case scenario for the economy looks to have been avoided, which should be positive for equities.

Mind the gap

Winners and losers in each sector will diverge further. Understanding what you own is more important than ever – in equities and fixed income.

Shock absorption

True diversification is crucial in an uncertain world. Alternative asset classes can play this 'shock absorber' role - both in defensive and proactive positioning.

Time for a portfolio pivot?

As the global economy resets, we believe nimble investors - including those willing to deviate from their benchmark - will make the most of the opportunity to pivot their portfolios from defense to offense.

Adam Hetts, Global Head of Portfolio Construction and Strategy

Market GPS: Portfolio positioning

The investment trends and portfolio opportunities ahead - as our experts see them.

Asset class outlooks

Explore the latest thinking from our investment experts as we chart a course for the remainder of the year.

Equities outlook: Prioritizing quality in a slowing economy

While tighter financial conditions will inevitably weigh on earnings, we believe a worst-case scenario for equities and the economy will be avoided.

Fixed income outlook: Step back and mind the gap

How rail announcements offer insights into fixed income markets.

Alternatives outlook: Seeking catalysts for change

How much of a role can a liquid alternatives strategy play in a world of heightened geopolitical uncertainty, inflationary pressures, and dramatic changes in monetary policy?