The 3 Cs to Enhance Your Negotiation Skills

How many skills are more essential for a financial advisor than negotiating?

Through our work with Janus Henderson’s The Science of Negotiations program, we meet with thousands of advisors each year and consult on how strong negotiation skills can be best deployed to grow their businesses and optimize positive client outcomes. With stakes high for both the advisor and the client, it’s critical to learn techniques that promote benefits for both sides and improve long-term relationships.

Learn the three critical elements to enhance your negotiation skills in an exclusive interview hosted by John Evans, Jr., Ed.D, Executive Director of Knowledge Labs™, with negotiations expert Professor G. Richard Shell from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and author of Bargaining for Advantage.

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Coaching Call: The 3 Cs to Enhance Your Negotiation Skills - John L. Evans Jr., Ed.D.

Key Takeaways: The 3 Cs

  • What is your client’s level of commitment to the relationship?
  • Use candor for difficult conversations and demonstrate directness.
  • Make sure your client is reminded of the value you bring through the expertise, competence and trustworthiness that build credibility.

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