3 Ways to Address the Rising Stress in our Youth

In our latest podcast, John Evans, Ed.D., Head Strategist of Knowledge LabsTM, interviews Dr. Julie Wei, Division Chief, Division of Otolaryngology and Department of Surgery at Nemours Children’s Health System, on addressing the rising stress in our youth.

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3 Ways to Address the Rising Stress in our Youth Podcast - John Evans, Jr, EdD

Key Takeaways

  • To raise support and teach well-being to overtasked, overstressed, overperforming children begins with being fully engaged and not simply managing our time.
  • If we don’t gain awareness, accountability and take action for ourselves and share, teach and be a model to the next generation then children today become pre-teens and teens who can be at risk of high degree of burnout even before they get to college.
  • When you put energy toward others, you create higher quality and quantity for yourself.
  • The first way to address rising stress in our youth is to hold each other accountable. The second way is to not to establish expectations of children to perform all the time. And lastly, provide children with the message and words that will support their growth and develop a right, positive, healthy inner voice.

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