The Art of Storytelling

Michael Futterman, Head of Knowledge Labs® Professional Development, spoke with client engagement experts Julie Littlechild and Stephen Wershing for their biweekly podcast, “Becoming Referable.” In the interview, he explains why financial professionals need to have a compelling catalyst that allows them to make meaningful connections with clients and prospects.

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The Art of Storytelling - Michael Futterman

Key Takeaways

  • To differentiate themselves and connect with clients on an emotional level, financial professionals must be able to communicate why they do what they do in a meaningful, resonant way.
  • Having meaningful conversations about financial planning and investing requires going beyond the transactional aspect and tapping into a client’s emotional relationship to money.
  • Financial professionals can draw on storytelling techniques from films and novels to hone their own narrative approach; for example, the most effective stories contain some element of a struggle or a challenge to overcome.

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