Creating a Client Experience that Wows… Every Step of the Way

First impressions are crucial to creating a memorable client experience. In this exclusive interview, John Evans Jr., Ed.D., Head Strategist of Knowledge Labs™, speaks with Teri Yanovitch, customer service keynote speaker, author and regular trainer for Walt Disney World, about how to make every aspect of your client service sincere and memorable.

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Creating a Client Experience that Wows… Every Step of the Way - John Evans Jr., Ed.D.

Key Takeaways

  • You are sending a message before clients even meet with you. Does everything in your environment – including your website, lobby, waiting area and receptionist – convey the message you’re trying to convey?
  • Research shows it takes 12 positive interactions to negate one negative interaction. What do you do when a service breakdown occurs and how do you repair it?
  • By anticipating and satisfying a client’s unstated needs, you can create a client experience model that is relationship-focused versus task-focused.

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