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ISG Insight: Thriving in the Bond Market

Jim Cielinski, CFA

Jim Cielinski, CFA

Global Head of Fixed Income

Aug 4, 2021

In recent months, macro and micro fundamentals have broadly improved as the market anticipated, while longer-maturity US Treasury bond yields have fallen and credit markets have generally rallied. Economic growth, globally, is accelerating and corporate bond markets are largely priced for it to continue. This begs the question: what could go wrong and how might fixed income markets respond?

The Janus Henderson Investment Strategy Group (ISG) brings together investment professionals from across the global fixed income platform and other Janus Henderson teams, providing a forum for research and debate on the key areas of fixed income asset allocation and macro-economic outlook, including rates and currency. It is designed to bring together our best ideas globally, aiding portfolio manager decision making around both portfolio positioning and risk allocation. The ISG Insight seeks to provide a summary of recent debate within the group.