Lessons Learned from Pandemics, Elections and Murder Hornets: 2021 Essentials of Wealth Planning

Duration: 60 Minutes

Our 2021 Essentials of Wealth Planning is designed to help financial services professionals stay informed of key events and trends that could impact your most valued clients in the year ahead. This comprehensive update covers the latest events and emerging trends in the retirement planning and wealth management space.

Key Takeaways

  • Election, Legislative and Regulatory Update
  • Goals-Based Investing in an Unsettled World and Mitigating Political Bias
  • ESG Investing: What’s in a Label?
  • Prospecting in a Virtual World
  • Rethinking Life Expectancy Assumptions

2021 Essentials of Wealth Planning

Comprehensive wealth planning strategies to provide unparalleled value to your best clients throughout the year with ideas on tax, financial, estate and retirement planning.