Marching to a Million: Meet Our Millennials

To gather insight into how younger generations are saving for retirement, we conducted interviews with millennials who work at Janus Henderson and captured our findings in a series of podcasts and videos. In our first “Marching to a Million” podcast, Retirement Director Ben Rizzuto spoke with millennial colleagues about their personal financial backgrounds, current saving and investing habits, and use of automation within their retirement plans.

Marching to a Million: Meet Our Millennials - Ben Rizzuto

Key Takeaways

  • Millennials are the best educated generation in U.S. history but are often thought to be less savvy than previous generations when it comes to managing their finances.
  • While some statistics indicate millennials are falling short in their retirement preparation, other research shows their saving rates are equal to those of Generation X.
  • Our interviews with millennial employees at Janus Henderson provide insight into how this generation views investing, financial advice and retirement planning, with Retirement Director Ben Rizzuto offering guidance for investors who are just starting their “March to a Million.”

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