Market GPS: Investment Themes to Watch in 2020

The Janus Henderson Market GPS: Investment Outlook 2020 seeks to address the most pressing issues facing clients globally. Our Equities, Fixed Income and Alternatives asset class heads provide their views on the key themes they believe investors should watch in the year ahead.


Stocks hit record highs in 2019 even as geopolitics led to heightened market volatility. Should the swings continue in 2020 (and we think they could), a focus on fundamentals will become all the more important for equity investors.


Alternative investments have grown markedly in popularity. It is ever more relevant as investors question how much more traditional asset classes have to give. We believe diligence is required when assessing the options.

Fixed Income

Negative rates and weak economic data paint a challenging backdrop for investors, but we would argue there is room to be positive within fixed income, an asset class that can tolerate mundane conditions.

Which market trends should investors
watch in the year ahead?

Market GPS is part of our commitment to understanding investor needs in detail and helping deliver solutions. Our 2020 Outlook seeks to address issues that clients have raised across the global markets in which we operate, including:

  • Is now the time to take a contrarian position as part of an equities allocation – or can recent winners continue to rise?
  • How should I position my portfolio for trade war developments, geopolitical pressures and the U.S. election cycle?
  • If low or negative rates are here to stay, how should fixed income investors position themselves to profit?
  • Are environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations true drivers of investment returns?
  • Can alternative investments provide genuine diversification opportunities outside of traditional asset classes?

Janus Henderson's Market GPS focuses on the views of our asset class heads. In the coming weeks, watch for additional commentary from our individual portfolio managers on the Insights section of our website.