Disruption is rewriting the rules of the global economy, with many players scrambling to catch up.

The transition has led to some dramatic changes. In China, nearly 800 million people were connected to the Internet as of the end of 2017, more than double the number a decade prior, according to the China Internet Network Information Center. Of those users, 70% have made a mobile payment and 67% have shopped via a mobile device. China’s enthusiasm for the digital economy – and sheer scale – helps it to stand out, but the digital-first mentality is spreading globally. Companies, in turn, are having to rethink their relationship with customers and invest in digital applications – or risk losing market share.

In our paper, From Old to New, Portfolio Managers Jeremiah Buckley, Denny Fish and Doug Rao explain how this transition is likely just getting started and what it means for investors.

People Using Mobile Payments in China vs. the U.S., 2019

Source: eMarketer, data are estimates as of October 2018.

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