A growing understanding of the human genome and robust computing power are helping transform the health care sector unlike ever before.

Scientific breakthroughs are a constant in health care, but we believe recent advances are taking the sector to another level. In just the past two decades, researchers have decoded the human genome and, consequently, started to develop targeted therapies for some of our most complex and rare diseases. Advances in computing power have made it possible for medical devices to become smarter and more integrated while other technologies, such as telemedicine, are reducing costs for the health care system as a whole.

It is a torrent of change, and in our paper, Disruption in Health Care, members of the Global Life Sciences Team discuss some of the biggest transformations now occurring. They also explain how these innovations could potentially benefit patients – and investors – alike.

Immuno-Oncology Drug Development Goes Global, Cancer Research Institute, September 27, 2019.

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