Plan Talk: How to Build More Accountability into Your Retirement Plan

Imagine you see a person with money sticking out of their backpack standing at a train station. Do you go up to this person and help? Diffusion of responsibility is a complex idea that becomes even more nebulous when you think about retirement preparedness, because both participants and plan sponsors play a substantial role during the process. In our Plan Talk podcast, Retirement Director Ben Rizzuto talks about how some companies and participants are working together to find effective solutions.

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Plan Talk: How to Build More Accountability into Your Retirement Plan - Ben Rizzuto, CRPS®

Key Takeaways

  • Past research has shown that participants feel plan sponsors should be required to offer retirement plans, suggesting the latter is responsible for some level of preparedness.
  • At the same time, plan sponsors are phasing out their defined benefit plans and shifting to defined contribution, shifting responsibility to the participant.
  • Focusing on communication, confidence and positive habits can help fight off the diffusion of responsibility and build a healthier, more accountable relationship between plan sponsor and participant.

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