Plan Talk: When Discussing Retirement Plans, Profitability is Key

Have you ever had a great idea that just didn’t quite land the way you thought it would when you pitched it? Rather than letting those good ideas fall by the wayside, perhaps it’s time to consider reframing the conversation in a way that speaks clearly to your company’s financial goals. Retirement Director Ben Rizzuto offers key strategies for approaching retirement plan conversations by focusing on problem-solving and profitability.

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Plan Talk: When Discussing Retirement Plans, Profitability is Key - Ben Rizzuto, CRPS®

Key Takeaways

  • Research shows a clear relationship between an employee’s financial stress and their work performance, making it essential for companies to actively support employee financial well-being.
  • Automatic plan features can benefit participants and make good business sense for plan sponsors, improving areas like workforce planning, financial benefits and employee engagement.
  • When conveying the value of well-designed retirement plans to your CFO or finance group, it is key to focus on research, profitability and problem-solving for both the company and participant.

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