Plant Spring WOW Seeds – and Watch Them Grow into Extraordinary Relationships

Vacations and glimpses of warmer weather make spring the perfect time to WOW. Dr. John L. Evans, Jr. shares tips for new and stronger client connections.

Spring is a transitional season, full of contrasts. Spring skiing – but also spring cleaning. Family vacations – but also tax season. With the first quarter under our belts, it’s a good time to check in with clients and share tokens of gratitude to thank them for being part of your business family.

Personally, I enjoy looking at the changing seasons from a variety of perspectives. Unlike those who live in cold climates and eagerly await the warmer months ahead, most of the desert dwellers I know see March and April as their last chance to enjoy being outside before the heat descends. Parents of young children may be looking forward to spending time with their kids during spring break, while those with older offspring are more likely to be busy providing moral support during college midterms.

Through the Knowledge Labs™ Art of WOW program, we like to remind advisors that sometimes an unexpected moment of WOWing clients can help your practice stand out. With other business contacts reaching out with holiday baskets in December and during birthdays or major life events, why not find more innovative times to share a personalized expression of gratitude? Our Art of WOW tool has plenty of ideas to get you started, but in the end it’s your unique efforts that will help you cultivate loyalty in your existing clients.

WOW in Full Bloom

A week off from school means families often plan a vacation during the spring months. I like sharing travel books, packing hacks and kits for entertaining kids on the road. Look into cubes for organizing luggage, TSA-approved bag locks or reference books such as the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. Or fill a backpack or tote with vacation survival tools such as sunscreen, hand sanitizer, snacks and activity books. Don’t forget to include adhesive bandages, perhaps with a whimsical print to cheer up young children after an adventure accident.

March Madness and the approach of Memorial Day herald the arrival of grilling season. Consider the wonderfully named “Sportula,” a heavy-duty grill spatula featuring the logo of your client’s favorite sports team. Personalized aprons or Bluetooth grilling thermometers would also be fun choices.

Do you have clients who appreciate a more practical token? Surprise the tax professional in your life with an April 15 survival kit containing aspirin, snacks, stress-relief gadgets and – of course – lots of good-quality coffee.

And what better time for an outdoor-themed experience than the full flush of late spring? Think about passes to a local botanic garden – or even a guided tour. Consider lesser-known holidays that may mean a lot to certain clients such as Armed Forces Day, a fantastic opportunity to salute the troops by arranging care packages for your clients’ family members serving abroad.

In the end, you’ll know that you helped your clients enjoy their time off or time with their families in a way that reminds them you’re not just their financial advisor, you’re somebody who cares about them and their families, and will continue to shepherd their nest eggs throughout the good times and beyond.


An extension of The Art of WOW program, the tool is a one-stop library of unique WOW ideas to source personalized expressions of gratitude for clients.
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