Maintaining a Long-Term Perspective During Short-Term Market Events

If the past is any guide, today’s uncertain markets are not unusual. On the Janus Henderson Portfolio Construction and Strategy team, we have partnered with thousands of advisors, as they have navigated the recent past and worked to grow their clients’ wealth in the face of all this uncertainty. To do this over the long run, history has taught us it’s important to keep clients invested throughout all market cycles. To manage short-term opportunities and threats throughout these long-term cycles, advisors can delegate this tactical component largely to active fund managers. Fortunately for advisors looking to stay invested, there is no shortage of ammunition to prove this time-tested approach to their clients.

Emotional Cycles of Investing in the U.S. Equity Market

The change in value of a hypothetical $10,000 investment in the S&P 500® Index
(1999 – 2018)