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Intech Team Managed

The Intech Research Team is overseen by the Portfolio Oversight Team headed by Adrian Banner, Ph.D.

The Intech® Team’s active equity approach is consistently applied by our Princeton-based team of Adrian Banner, Ph.D. (pictured), Vassilios Papathanakos, Ph.D., and Joseph W. Runnels, CFA. The investment team and trading team work together to employ a distinctive quantitative approach based on mathematical equations grounded in observations of actual price movements, not on subjective forecasts of companies’ future performance. The investment and research team comprises Ph.D. mathematicians and physicists whose responsibilities include continual review of the investment process engineering enhancements and/or to develop new product capabilities. All Intech strategies are managed on a collective basis through a unified methodology by a seasoned investment team with a combined experience of more than five decades.