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Choose Your Goals

Engage with our wide curriculum of innovative programs designed to meet your goals.

Client Acquisition

Identify and acquire the high-value clients you want and capture new opportunities to powerfully accelerate your business.


Let your passions ignite client acquisition by identifying and seeking out the attributes that matter.

Comprehensive wealth planning strategies to provide unparalleled value to your best clients throughout the year with ideas on tax, financial, estate and retirement planning.

Address the unique financial circumstances of women through our focused curriculum.

Shift your approach from the traditional model of prospecting to attracting new clients and positioning your business to benefit from the change.

Available Client Seminars

Find out how you can bring our programs to your clients and prospects – allowing you to differentiate yourself as a financial professional.

Client Loyalty

Create exceptional relationships with the clients you value most through strategies and programs for building strong, lasting interpersonal connections.


Systematically exceed client expectations and drive deep client loyalty by creating meaningful moments that clients talk about.

Unlock and understand your clients’ deepest interests and turn every negotiation into a win/win.

As an extension of The Art of WOW program, show your clients gratitude in a personalized way with instant access to unique WOW ideas.

Teams & Personal Effectiveness

Build a stronger, more engaged and effective team with improved interpersonal skills and enhanced focus and productivity.


Transform your team by combining the core elements that impact team chemistry to deliver an exceptional client experience.

Stay focused on what matters most with a personalized plan to replenish and sustain your energy for a life of purpose, engagement and peak performance.

Learn the critical components of brain health and training with this program, as well as help your clients create a personalized plan for training their brains like their bodies.

Use stress as an opportunity for growth by employing actionable tools to identify the sources of stress, our reactions to it and ways to manage it more productively.

Fiduciary & Regulatory

Extend your knowledge to more confidently navigate the shifting regulatory landscape, and strengthen internal processes to more efficiently carry out your fiduciary responsibilities.


Are you up to date with the latest in defined contribution? Stay current on events that could impact your plan or plan participants.

Portfolio Strategy

Identify emerging opportunities and uncover hidden risks to create more resilient investor portfolios with in-depth analysis form our expert team.


Access institutional analytics to give you a comprehensive understanding of risk and return drivers, detractors and dynamics. Know exactly what’s going on in your portfolios, and why.

Learn about forward-looking, product agnostic ideas and solutions in response to changing markets and the potential risks ahead. Make disciplined, informed investment decisions that instill client confidence.

Challenge your perspective by exploring other viewpoints and access best practices from the investment universe. Our thought leadership goes beyond conventional thinking to test investment resolve.

Learn how our Industry Portraits benchmark your business against your peers based on our aggregate reporting of financial professional portfolios analyzed by the Portfolio Construction and Strategy Team.