Stress Load Audit

What’s Your Stress LOAD?

Stress LOAD is the cumulative effect of both external and internal stress (lifestyle, occupation, attitude and nutrition) on the human operating system. When our body is out of balance, systematic stress can arise as a symptom of internal malfunctions.


What is Your Perceived Stress Load?

Use this assessment to identify key areas of focus for your training program. Answer each question fairly quickly with the response that you most associate with for each statement.



Mental Health Habits to Cultivate and Share

The importance of prioritizing mental well-being as we continue to cope with the isolation of the pandemic.

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Using Stress to Fuel Positive Change

In our latest podcast episode, Dr. Heidi Hanna shares strategies for controlling stress – and taking advantage of it – during this time of uncertainty.

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Shifting Stress for Good: How to Nurture Your Body and Mind During Crisis

Brain health expert Dr. Heidi Hanna shares her experience and the insights she gained while healing her body and mind from COVID-19.

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What’s Your Stress LOAD?

Developed in partnership with Dr. Heidi Hanna, use stress as an opportunity for growth by employing actionable tools to identify the sources of stress, our reactions to it and ways to manage it more productively.